Outside SoCal

Occasionally, I get to do some great trail runs and other adventures outside of Southern CA. Anytime I travel for work, I use it as an excuse to find new trail. Here are some of my favorites.

Mt. Whitney

A spontaneous trip to Mt. Whitney and Death Valley turned into a makeshift 24hr challenge. To go from the lowest point in the US at Badwater Basin to the highest point in the continguous US on top of Mt. Whitney within 24 hours. It was a challenging, but successful endeavor!

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Death Valley National Park

7/31/18  A spontaneous trip to the Mt. Whitney area gave me a chance to head over to Death Valley for the first time. Topping out at 127 degrees F, it was a very hot, but fascinating day in this huge National Park.

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Congaree National Park

7/2/18  On the same trip as Great Smoky Mountains, I was able to spend a day at Congaree National Park on my way out to Charleston, South Carolina. Overgrown swampy trail, spiders, wild boar, and killer mosquitos made for a fascinating adventure.

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A trip to South Carolina gave me a chance to detour out to Tennessee to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Three great days in and around the park including Cades Cove, Sugarlands, Tuckaleechee Caverns, and Dupont State Park.

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Glacier National Park

A week long trip to Montana with Dad and Kyle featuring a couple days in Great Falls then 4 days in Glacier National Park for hiking, rowing, huckleberry picking, and other great adventures. Not as much trail time as usual, but lots of great outdoor time nonetheless.

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New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey gave me the chance to experience some trail in an entirely new area. It definitely proved that NJ is not just an urban metropolis. I spent one day in the swampy Pine Barrens and then one day near the rocky Kittatinny Ridge.

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Yosemite National Park

For years, I had wanted to visit Yosemite Valley during the winter. Despite having been to Yosemite at least a dozen times, I had never seen the iconic views in the snow. A trip to Sacramento with my Dad gave both of us a chance for a side trip to see those views and check an item off our bucket lists. It was an amazing experience.

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Pinnacles National Park

7/21/14  Another trip to the Bay Area gave me a chance to visit Pinnacles National Park, the newest National Park in the system, just established in 2013. I took a great 13 mile loop around the park with about 1,500' of gain.

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Big Basin Redwoods

3/19/14  The same time of year as last year's Double Dipsea run, but this time I headed down to Big Basin Redwoods State Park to run the Berry Creek Falls Loop trail. 10.5 miles and almost 2,200' of gain on beautiful single track winding through massive trees and some great waterfalls.

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Olympic National Park

A trip to Seattle gave me the perfect opportunity to spend a few days in Olympic National Park for some great trail running and hiking at Crescent Lake as well as in the Hoh and Lake Quinault rain forests.

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Double Dipsea

3/27/13  Another trip to the Bay Area gave me a chance again to run the famous Dipsea trail. This time I was able to run the full Double Dipsea, from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach and back. 14 miles and 4,200' of gain.

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08/17/11  A great chance for me to run on the famous Dipsea Trail, home of the oldest trail race in America, and the second oldest race of any type (behind only the Boston Marathon). I ran the race in 2009 but didn't really get to appreciate the trail with 1,500 people cramming the narrow single-track. This time around, I got to really enjoy the amazing scenery.

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Windy Hill

08/20/09  Some pictures from my first trail run outside of Southern CA. I was on a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, and took advantage of part of the great trail system in the hills near Palo Alto. I witnessed the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen.

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