Glacier National Park

A week long trip to Montana with Dad and Kyle featuring a couple days in Great Falls then 4 days in Glacier National Park for hiking, rowing, huckleberry picking, and other great adventures. Not as much trail time as usual, but lots of great outdoor time nonetheless.

Day 1- First Flight

8/31/16  The first day was all about the flight to Great Falls via Seattle. It was Kyle's first flight and also a chance to experience a prop plane.

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Day 2- Great Falls

9/1/16  A tour of Great Falls including my Dad's old stomping grounds as well other sights around the city.

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Day 3- East Glacier

9/2/16  The drive in to Glacier National Park with stops at Many Glacier and St. Mary Lake as well as a quick hike out to Baring Falls.

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Day 4- Bison Range

9/3/16  A trip to the National Bison Range to see bison, elk, antelope, mountain goats, deer, and coyotes.

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Day 5- Rowing and Freezing Hike

9/4/16  A quick tour of Hungry Horse Dam, then rowing on a stormy Lake McDonald, ending with a hike to Hidden Lake in freezing temps.

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Day 6- Huckleberries and Avalanche Lake

9/5/16  Up the chairlift at the Whitefish Mountain ski resort, then picking (and eating) wild huckleberries, then finally a long hike out to Avalanche Lake.

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Day 7- Flight Home

9/6/16  Time for the flight home and a chance to sit in the pilot's seat!

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