Yosemite National Park

For years, I had wanted to visit Yosemite Valley during the winter. Despite having been to Yosemite at least a dozen times, I had never seen the iconic views in the snow. A trip to Sacramento with my Dad gave both of us a chance for a side trip to see those views and check an item off our bucket lists. It was an amazing experience.

Day 1- Snow and Mist Trail

12/28/15  It was snowing as we arrived in the Valley for our winter adventure. Although visibility was low, the ambiance was amazing. And a trip up the off-limits Mist Trail made for a perfect day.

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Day 2- Sun and The Loop

12/29/15  Our second day in the Valley brought clear skies and postcard perfect conditions. Fresh snow in the trees with bright sun and not a cloud in the sky. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

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