Olympic National Park

A trip to Seattle gave me the perfect opportunity to spend a few days in Olympic National Park for some great trail running and hiking at Crescent Lake as well as in the Hoh and Lake Quinault rain forests.

Crescent Lake

2/21/14  The first day, I headed out from Seattle to the Olympic Pennisula and drove along the Northern border of Olympic National Park. I stopped for a great little run at Marymere Falls near Crescent Lake.

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Hoh Rain Forest

2/22/14  The second day, I headed towards the Pacific coast on the Olympic pennisula and then down to the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the largest temporate rain forests in North America. An unexpected snow storm while hiking the rain forest made for a great experience.

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Quinault Rain Forest

2/23/14  The last day, I picked a trail in the Quinault Rain Forest and found some epic single track. I also ended-up in heavy rain and snow that made for an unexpected, but unquestionably awesome, adventure.

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