Santa Monicas

The Santa Monica mountains are home to some of my favorite low mountain trails. They're no longer my daily stomping grounds for trail runs, but I still get back occasionally for some fun hikes.

Unknown Peak

10/18/21  A trip with Dad part way up the Rivas Canyon trail and then on the detour up to Unknown Peak. Perfect weather and a great hike.

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Eagle Rock II

9/25/20 Another trip up Santa Ynez to Eagle Rock and this time all the way out to the waterfall. Always a great trail.

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Rivas and Temescal

1/15/20  Two shorter hikes pieced together. First around the Temescal Canyon and Temescal Ridge loop, then Rivas Canyon out towards Will Rogers. These used to be my morning trail runs.

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Secret Trail

4/20/14  Dad's initiation to the Secret Trail. Steep, narrow, gnarly, and partially overgrown, it's unquestionably one of my favorite local hikes.

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Eagle Rock I

4/30/13  Dad's first hike in the Santa Monicas with me. Up Santa Ynez canyon to Eagle Rock and then part of the way out to the waterfall.

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