Cactus To Clouds

With a little bit of trail running, hiking, and snow trekking combined, Cactus to Clouds is in a category by itself. Over 11,000' of total elevation gain from just above sea level in Palm Springs to the summit of Mt. San Jacinto. Sand to snow, desert to alpine, cactus to clouds.

Long Valley Round Trip

12/10/11  Another trip up Skyline to Long Valley. This time joined by Coach Dru on a scouting trip to learn the trail back down. 20 miles round trip, 8000' up and then 8000' down. A lot of great lessons learned, including that the downhill is brutal, especially in the dark!

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C2C Redux

4/26/11  Exactly two weeks after my successful Cactus to Clouds summit in the snow, I was back again. This time the goal was to get my Dad up to Long Valley. 10 miles and almost 8500' of elevation gain is a tough day for anyone. And he made it!

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Sucessful Summit

Foiled by a snowstorm last time, I was determined to successfully summit Mt. San Jacinto in the snow via the famous Cactus to Clouds route. Definitely one of my more difficult treks yet. 22 miles and over 11,000' of total elevation gain.

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Summit Attempt I

1/30/11  The first full attempt at summiting San Jacinto via the Cactus to Clouds route in the winter. Doing this route in one day is considered a pretty serious accomplishment in dry conditions. 11,000' of total gain in around 22 miles. I'm determined to do it in the snow. I just wasn't anticipating trying it in an actual snow storm...

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Exploratory Trip

11/24/10  I had been wanting to do the famous Cactus to Clouds trail before the first snow hit this Fall, but I missed out by a couple weekends. So, I decided to do an exploratory scouting trip. Definitely an amazing day. 8500' of elevation gain in 11 miles, hiking from desert sand to alpine snow. I foresee many more adventures on this trail in the future.

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