Mt. Baldy

Easiest to get to of the Big 3, Mt. Baldy is a fun one. The front side can get extremely crowded, but still has some excellent single track. The backside though has one of my favorite trails in SoCal.

Double Baldy

7/2/20 My first double summit of Baldy! To the top and down twice via the Register Ridge to Ski Hut loop. First counter-clockwise, then clockwise, for 7,500' of gain in just 15 miles.

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Backbone IV

6/26/20  Another trip up one of my all-time favorite trails. It's been a couple years since I've done the backside of Baldy. The brutal up-and-downs of it's 17 miles and 7,000' of gain never get old!

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Bear Canyon II

5/22/20  Another trip up the Bear Canyon trail. The 6,000' of gain is the most I've done in a little while. Felt great to be doing this trail again!

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Pine Mountain

10/26/19  Another trip with Dad up the backside of Baldy from Wrightwood. This time we only went to Pine Mountain, but that section of the Backbone trail is unquestionably one my favorite trails in all of SoCal!

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Baldy Loop

6/22/18  My first time doing the Baldy Loop. 22 miles and 7,500' gain up Icehouse Canyon, across the Three Ts, up Baldy, then down Bear Canyon. I ran out of water, making it a particularly tough day!

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Register Ridge III

6/12/18  My third time round trip up/down Register Ridge. This time just for a quick training speed hike. But that 2,500' 1.5 mile section is brutal no matter how many times you do it.

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Cucamonga and Ontario

5/6/18  A return trip up the Middle Fork trail to Icehouse Saddle, except this time continuing on to both Cucamonga and Ontario peaks. Great views, great weather, 21.5 miles, and 6,800' of gain.

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Backbone III

4/15/18  My first trip up the backside of Baldy in over 6 years. I missed this trail! Defintely still one of my all-time favorites. A little snow left on top added to the challenge.

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Icehouse Canyon

8/31/17  A quick trip out to Icehouse Canyon and part way up to Cucamonga Peak. A great trip with an unexpected thunderstorm that added to the fun but ruined two cameras!

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Ski Hut for Sam

4/26/17  A quick trip up the Ski Hut trail in memory of 79 year old Seuk Doo Kim, better known as "Sam", who tragically died on the mountain a couple weeks eariler after over 700 successful summits.

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Snowy Ski Hut

12/2/16  Another trip up the Ski Hut (Baldy Bowl) trail, this time with Dad in conditions somewhere between a hike and a snow trek. Featuring temperatures down to -3.1 degrees with wind chill, it was a great adventure.

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Ski Hut

6/6/16  I had so much fun on Mt. Baldy a few days earlier, I returned for another trip. This time up the Ski Hut (Baldy Bowl) trail for a quick 9 mile, 4,000' gain day. And I got to meet the famous Seuk Doo Kim on the trail!

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Register Ridge

6/3/16  Another trip up Mt. Baldy, this time via the little known Register Ridge use trail. With one section of more than 2,600' in just 1.5 miles, it's a blast! Together with detours to San Antonio Falls and Mt. Harwood, it makes for an excellent day.

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Middle Fork Trail

2/16/15 Another hike with Dad, this time up the Middle Fork Trail to the Icehouse Canyon Saddle. 12 miles, almost 5,000' of gain, and some great trail without the normal Icehouse Canyon crowds.

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Bear Canyon

4/29/12  A trip on the Mt. Baldy trail up the front side of Mt. Baldy. Though it's maybe not quite as difficult as the backside route, it's unquestionably the second hardest way to summit Baldy. 6000' of gain in 13 miles averaging almost exactly 1000' per mile the whole way to the top.

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Backbone II

10/25/11  Another trip to Baldy, this time bringing my Dad to experience the little used trail from Wrightwood to the summit. Unquestionably one of the toughest trails in Southern CA with rugged terrain and over 7000' of total elevation gain.

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Backbone Trail

8/8/10  Another trip to one of my all-time favorite trails- up the backside of Mt. Baldy. This time joined by Dustin. This is now my fifth trip up the Acorn and Backbone trails, 3 times in snow and twice in summer. At around 17 miles and 7000' of elevation gain, it is unquestionably one of the toughest trails in Southern CA.

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