Jack Main Canyon

4 days and 3 nights with my Dad in the Jack Main Canyon area of Yosemite National Park near Hetch Hetchy. 40 miles of epic lakes, meadows, and glacier carved valleys. Two of the days without seeing a single human. Try finding that anywhere else in Yosemite!

Day 1- Beehive

8/5/14  The first day took us from the lake at Hetch Hetchy up the switchbacks and then past the Beehive junction east of Laurel Lake. It was a roughly 8 mile day with nearly 4,000' of gain.

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Day 2- Wilmer Lake

8/6/14 The second day brought us into Jack Main Canyon and ultimately to Wilma Lake. 10 miles of epic trail and another 1,000' or so of gain. It was also my birthday!

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Day 3- Tiltill Valley

8/7/14  The third day took us out of Jack Main Canyon and up to the high point of 9,000' in Tilden Canyon, one of the most remote areas in the Lower 48 states, and then down into Tiltill Valley.

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Day 4- Hetch Hetchy

8/8/14  The last day took us down Tiltill Valley and back to Hetch Hetchy. It also included getting lost for a couple hours and running dangerously low on water, which just made for an even better experience!

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